Confetti Rain Style A - Made by Chriss


Style A Confetti Rain box comprises of the Bride & Grooms names or initials embroidered in your chosen wedding colour and attached to the box lid.  (Entwined hearts are initials only). There is no additional adornment.

 Decoutage* is used to cover the box inside and out. The box is filled with dried rose petal confetti*.

When ordering, please ensure you have read the T&C's and complete all information requested to ensure your box is personalised.

The Large Heart Shaped box will hold an approximate 40-50 handfuls* of confetti. Approximately 10.5" at widest x 4" deep. 

The Small Heart Shaped box holds approximately 23-30 handfuls* of confetti.  Approximately 7.75" at widest x 3.25" deep.


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Confetti Rain - Style A

Confetti Rain - Style A - £15.00

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All boxes shown were made to order.

*Confetti Rain Terms:

1. DECOUPAGE:  The nature of decoupage gives a mottled effect so different tones are achieved. Addition colours may be added to the overall colour of the box.

2. CONFETTI:  The box will be filled to the brim with confetti, however there may be a small amount of 'settling' by the time you receive it. Confetti is multi-coloured dried rose petals.

3. HANDFULL: The exact amount taken will differ from guest to guest, so this is an approximate quantity only. As a guide : children will usually take a handful in each smaller hand, whereas men may not partake - some older generation Aunts, Sisters and friends will want confetti to rain down, others will take a small amount for the gesture - but be assured the multi-coloured confetti will be noticeable in photographs when thrown.

4. TRIMS/CRYSTALS:  These may differ to those shown on the illustration photographs.

5. RANDOM SCATTER:  Exact numbers may differ to those in illustration photographs.

6. NAMES/DATES: will be as given on order - mistakes cannot be rectified after delivery except if my error,

7. FONTS: will be sized according to layout, space and length and at my discretion 

8. This is a bespoke hand made item and is non-return/refundable after item has been made.

9. TIME: Each box is hand made to order and a minimum of FOUR weeks is required for each box.