Firstly, I wish to thank my husband Steve for giving me time in my studio and ensuring I am fed at regular intervals when in full swing and who is always full of encouragement.

Welling Sewing Centre for my first sewing machine and many of my fabrics.  

A thank you goes to the BOM (Bag of the Month) group on Facebook which helped me branch out into bag making and, Alison who supplies much of the hardware in her shop 'Bobbin Girl' and who started up a most helpful group on FB under the same name - and of course all the wonderful bag designers who make the bag patters which enable us to make the end products . 

...and of course my daughter Amy - if she had returned home after Uni I would never have converted her bedroom into my studio... and to Leon, Cleo, Mia and Sam who are the inspiration behind many of the items I have created and they are always full of smiles and cuddles.