Like most women I just cannot resist a beautiful bag.

 I had always made items, be it quilts, or toys for the children but had a hankering to make bags - so I decided to try making my own - and you know what it turned out pretty darned good.  

My first bag was made at a work-shop and used recycled leather from a man's jacket and the day I finished it I was asked by someone, who strode into the workshop if they could buy it as they loved it so much, not realising it was the bag I had just made on the course the designer was running.. 

Every woman loves a denim bag - and I am no exception - so my next bag was a medium sized bag made from a denim skirt I no longer wore, the handles were from a previously well loved, purchased handbag which I had worn out and was in such a state that I had to replace it - but I loved the unique handles and so I took them off and used them with the denim.  On it's very first outing someone commented on what a lovely bag and where did I get it from, I knew then that I was able to make bags that people really liked and would love to own.  That person went on to purchase two bags - one for herself and one for her daughter.

As I make a point of using and carrying my own bags I find many people asking me the question : where did I purcase my unusual, stylish bag - they are usually shocked when I say that I made it.  This is frequently followed up by being asked if I can make them one, which always results in me saying yes.

In return you will be the owner of a well made, unique bag at a fraction of the designer prices, I use good quality materials, interfacing and linings and I guarantee there is no stapling, glueing or cardboard in my bags (unlike some very expensive designer bags - just take one appart and see for yourself how shoddy some of the internal construction can be)  - I love to think someone is using a bag made exclusively for them and can often incorporate their favourite colours in the lining or pockets.

Sometime I have found that people tell me that they are looking for a particular size or type of bag but have been unable to find what they are looking for - so I have been able to to create a customised bag to fit their requirements - this will frequently lead to orders from their friends and family or colleagues who see what a perfect design it is for their needs and promptly will order one for themselves.  I can usually customise bags to a colour or theme.

Working under the name of Created in Cloth I strive to produce good quality, bespoke items that are unusual, practical and a pleasure to own at affordable prices.  All bags, clutches, purses etc are made by myself and a good deal of love is put into each item.  So often things are mass produced from overseas and one cannot be identified from the next, here at Created in Cloth I make each item individually with love and care.  No two bags are ever exactly the same.