About Created in Cloth

I love to create items which are useful for people and started by making gifts and embroidered cards for family, friends and work colleagues.  This then grew as people asked about quilts or cards that they had seen and so I launched the Created In Cloth web site way back in 2011.  I also took part in on-line markets and craft shows.

I had always wanted to make bags and first tried my hand at a denim bag which raised lots of comments from people asking where they could buy one - so I now offer these along with many other bags on the site.  I like the idea of being  ECO FRIENDLY so where possible I use upcycled denim, suede & leather which is not only is good for the environment but produce a truly unique item.  All linings are made from 100% pure new cotton to give a crisp finish and will last longer.

The Wedding Garters came about when my daughter Amy got married and needed "Something Blue".  I made her a personalised garter with her and her husbands names and the date of ther wedding embroidered across a blue ribbon and edged with lace.  I have since gone on to make many of these popular items for other family members, friends of my daughters and people I have never met but who have ordered them from my website.  They always remain very poular.

CONFETTI RAIN  was born when I myself re-married in 2014 and was told by the venue that 'only real petals were allowed'.  As my husband buys me floweres every week (usually roses) I went about drying the petals before they faded and decorated a box with decoupage in my wedding colours and personalised the lid.  Again, friends from our wedding then asked for a box of confettii along with my daughters friends and work colleagues as they were also findng that so many venues nowadays insist that only real petals are thrown at weddings (many don't even allow the 'bio-degradable' confetti). 

I make other items, such as floor quilts for babies, trying to tie into the colour/theme that prospective parents have chosen and add a personalised label to the reverse with the new arrivials name and date of birth along with any other information that is required eg: time, weight etc.

Who knows what will be next - I will see something, or be told of an item and low and behold I'm being asked for something so you will find them added to the site.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and reading about my journey of Created in Cloth.  I hope to see you back here again.

Best Wishes